Jewish Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

JPro22, Going Places, Together, will be a community gathering of 1,000 Jewish professionals, convened by JPro and JFNA. As a collective, we recognize the existence of a multiracial, multicultural, multifaith, multidenominational, and multiabled richly diverse Jewish professional community, and this conference is intended as a celebration of their vital work and an opportunity for the rich diversity of our sector to come together to learn, connect and create a culture of belonging for all people who choose to join our communal spaces, while bridging across social groups, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another.


Organizers, presenters, and volunteers at every level will integrate Jewish equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) best practices into the processes, curation and content of JPro22 – from recruitment and marketing to decision-making for each program component, both in the virtual and in person setting. Together, we will assume a posture of empathy at every opportunity, and this posture should be evident in our interactions, our program, our communications, and all other aspects of the conference experience. JPro22 staff, chairs, and host committee will share ownership, collective power, and shared responsibility at all stages of implementation. These standards have been integrated into a guide for JPro22 presenters and centered in the participant Code of Conduct.


We are working to build an event in which each participant:

  • • feels valued as an individual
  • • can identify a welcoming spirit adopted by all organizers and presenters as their posture
  • • sees presenters leading with respect and honor for all participants
  • • can be confident that all staff, regardless of role (program staff, senior leadership and facilities staff) staff are treated with equal care and concern
  • • feels that they matter to others and are essential to the conference mandate and vision
  • • understands that the conference is built with a JEDI lens that keeps in mind the personal, communal and environment itself and that acceptance, sharing and mutual responsibility are paramount to the entirety of the conference

As part of the JEDI framework, there will be affinity group meetings available prior to the opening plenary. Please see the FAQ page for more details (the question "Can I organize or attend an affinity group or informal meet up?").

If you have any questions about our commitment or approach to Jewish equity, diversity, and inclusion, please reach out to us at