Building Skills for Collaboration

Crisis and disruption have always created windows of opportunity to make real change in the ways that we, as a Jewish community, do business. As we move through the third year of the COVID era, the need for collaboration could not be greater. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve witnessed extraordinary levels of cooperation and partnership. Perhaps our most significant opportunity is to build on these ties and to strengthen our commitment to working together in pursuit of our common aims and collective interests. To build the skills and strengthen our collective commitment to work together in new ways across teams and organizations. Not mine, but ours.


If deep collaboration were easy, we would all be doing it adeptly already. Obstacles include differing norms and cultures, competing interests and priorities, unclear paths for managing shared projects, resource constraints, commitment to the way things have “always” been, difficulty giving feedback, and more. 


Workshops, and all learning opportunities at JPro22, will enable participants to build skills at four levels at which collaboration takes place: personal; interpersonal; organizational; and interorganizational.

Personal/Bein Adam L'atzmo

All effective collaboration requires individuals who are motivated and equipped to work with others and able to balance their roles as individual contributors with their roles as team members. JPro22 will offer myriad opportunities to explore and develop those skills and dispositions.

Time Management

Diana Bloom, Accountability Consultant

Implicit Bias and Identity Anxiety

Sandra (Chap) Chapman, Ed. D. and Jess MacFarlane

Emotional Agility

Interpersonal/Bein Adam L'chavero

All effective collaboration begins with a face-to-face encounter between human beings, panim el panim. JPro22 will cultivate tools and dispositions to ensure that those interactions — especially in light of power dynamics — are meaningful, respectful, and productive.

Conflict Management

Beth Fisher-Yoshida, PhD, CCS, Fisher Yoshida International, LLC, CEO & President

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Team Building

Faun Zarge

Organizational/Kavod Ha-tzibbur

Effective collaboration does not happen in a vacuum. It depends on an enabling environment that includes systems, structures, processes, and culture that enable and support people to work with one another effectively. JPro22 will help professionals — from early-career to senior executive — understand, create, and promote these systems, structures, processes, and cultural norms in their organizations.

Managing Across Differences

Imani Chapman and Franny Silverman

Planning and Leading Meetings

Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Agile Transformation

Michael Sahota & Audree Sahota, Founders, Shift314

Interorganizational/Tikkun Olam

The most critical challenges we confront in the 21st Century — climate change, the survival of democracy, inequity, racism and antisemitism, and others — will require collaboration across organizations, fields, and even sectors. JPro2022 will provide opportunities to explore myriad tools and approaches for navigating collaboration among organizations and across fields, because we know it’s going to take all of us.

Mergers and Partnerships

David Kaplan, Founder and CEO, Panoramic Strategy

Additional Skills

Online Fundraising

Emily Goodstein, Greater Good Strategy


Andrea Wasserman

There will be two workshop sessions at JPro22, giving conference attendees the opportunity to attend two workshops. Most of the workshops will run during both workshop timeslots, enabling participants to “mix and match” their learning with the greatest possible flexibility. JPro22 is also experimenting with “Encore Workshops.” Each workshop session will be offered live online, one additional time, during the two months following the conference. An “all-access” pass to Encore Workshops is included as part of JPro22 registration. (Members of the field will have the opportunity to register for Encore Workshops at a fee beginning in early March.)