Featured Collaborations

Showcasing 100 collaborations from our field


At JPro22, we will celebrate new collaborations that are emerging during the pandemic, and we will build skills to enable more ambitious and smoother collaboration across teams and organizations as we move forward. A key part of the conference will be to showcase one hundred exciting and promising collaborations that can inspire and educate members of our field.

We invite you to nominate a collaboration that you are part of! Here are some guidelines as you think about the kinds of collaborations you would like to submit as part of a short application process. 

• Our definition of collaboration is simple:  two or more people working together towards shared goals.

• There are many types of collaborations, including across departments or teams in one organization; between two organizations; among three or more organizations.

• Think about collaborations that help your organization address critical strategic priorities and community needs. 

• What kinds of collaborations are helping you to innovate and adapt to a rapidly changing environment?

• Collaborations can be new or existing ones; local or national in scope; within the Jewish sector and beyond.

• The bottom line: What collaborations made you proud? What made you cry? We want to share with participants the full, complex reality of your partnerships!

The form below takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. There will be a rolling deadline for submission, with preference given to those who submit by January 15, 2022.  Decisions will be shared on February 15.

Submit your collaboration

You may preview the full list of questions asked in the form.

Questions? Please contact Jessica Balboni at jessica.balboni@jfna.org